G11 Material Science and Engineering Education for 2020s

No. Symposium Organiser Co-Organiser
G11 Material Science and  Engineering Education for 2020s Prof. M. D. Barò
U. A. Barcelona
EsDolors.Baro@uab.es (Dolors NULL.Baro null@null uab NULL.es)


Prof. L. Battezzati
U Torino, Ilivio.battezzati@unito.it (livio NULL.battezzati null@null unito NULL.it)
The symposium aims at presenting recent developments of the teaching of Materials Science and Materials Engineering and the perspectives for the next decade.In the fast changing world of materials, it is first suggested to evaluate the basic knowledge needed for successful learning starting at the undergraduate level. Emphasis should be given to teaching techniques from conventional lecture (still the top-down approach? when is it of relevance?) to tutorials and practicals (a bottom-up approach is spreading quickly) to the use of new technology. Web-teaching is widely available: how to make the most of it? The educational relevance of periods in industry, the role of notions in economics and human sciences for science and engineering students should be debated. Considering then advanced studies of Master and Doctoral Courses, suggested issues include the following fields:  modelling on multiscales, nanotechnology, sustainable development, specialty key technologies. Where are we now with these topics and what is planned for the future? What do we do with topics which might re-affirm their relevance for the society (e. g. extractive metallurgy from urban waste and energy-related nuclear materials)?
Last, but not least, the role of international cooperation in teaching should be dealt with to assess the status of education across the borders.