F11-Bioactive Coatings and Material-Tissue Interfaces.

No. Symposium Organiser Co-Organiser
F11 Bioactive Coatings and Material-Tissue Interfaces. Prof. Enrica Verne,
Polytechnic of Turin (I)enrica.verne@polito.it (enrica NULL.verne null@null polito NULL.it)
This symposium is focused on the investigation and application of new technologies in the field of bioactive coatings, thin films, surface treatments and their characterization, with particular emphasis given to the interface between materials and living cells, tissues and, generally speaking, biological environment. The topics will be focused on innovative materials as coatings for biomedical devices, as well as on new surface treatments devoted to induce a specific biological response, like better tissue integration, or to confer additional features to the material surface, like antibacterial properties, drug delivery ability and immunological and/or magnetic drug targeting potentialities.Suggested topics are: 1. Bioactive materials as dense, porous and composite coatings; 2. Functionally-graded biomaterials; 3. Surface chemical treatments for tissue integration; 4. Surface functionalization for drug delivery/drug targeting; 5. Biomimetic surfaces; 6. Antibacterial surfaces; 7. Clinical applications.
Selected papers presented at this symposium will be published in a special issue of the Journal “Biomedical Materials” (IOP Publishing Ltd). Authors will be contacted after the conference for submission of full papers. The papers will be refereed using the journal standard reviewing procedures.