E23 Thermoelectrics

No. Symposia Organiser Co-Organiser
E23 Thermoelectrics Prof. Jean Claude Tédenac

tedenac@univ-montp2.fr (tedenac null@null univ-montp2 NULL.fr)


Dr. Bertrand Lenoir

bertrand.lenoir@mines.inpl-nancy.fr (bertrand NULL.lenoir null@null mines NULL.inpl-nancy NULL.fr)

Dr.  Sylvie Hébert

sylvie.hebert@ensicaen.fr (sylvie NULL.hebert null@null ensicaen NULL.fr)

This symposium will focus on materials with high thermoelectric performances. It will be designed to emphasize the multidisciplinary nature of research in this field, covering materials science, physics, chemistry and engineering. New materials and technological advances in thermoelectrics, thermionics, thermo-photovoltaics and thermoacoustics will be higtlighted. Experimental efforts will include new capabilities in solid-state synthesis, new bulk materials, thin films, superlattices and nanostructured materials.New developments in material properties and device measurements will also be underlined. The theoretical studies of transport properties, band structures, crystal chemistry, thermodynamic analysis and energy transfer will be included.Contributions to the following suggested topics are invited:

-          Processing – microstructure – mechanical properties correlation

-          Ceramics & composites

-          Functionally graded materials and systems with multi-functional properties

-          Polymer-derived composites

-          Micro-scale testing and applications

-          In situ characterization using X-rays & neutrons

Special attention will be given to material and device-design innovations toward high-efficiency thermal-to-electric energy conversion.