E21-Materials for Photovoltaics

No. Symposium Organiser Co-Organiser
E21 Materials for Photovoltaics Prof. Dr. Susan Schorr,
Free University Berlin, Germany

schorr@zedat.fu-berlin.de (schorr null@null zedat NULL.fu-berlin NULL.de)

In Central Europe, photovoltaic energy conversion from solar cells has by far the greatest proven technological potential for the production of electricity from renewable energy sources.This symposium is devoted to research into materials and processes for photovoltaic technologies.The topics will be focused on development, synthesis and characterisation of photovoltaic materials and  innovative technologies.Suggested topics are: 1. silicon solar cells : wafer and thin film concepts ; 2. compound semiconductor based thin film solar cells ; 3. high efficiency concepts ; 4. dyes and organic semiconductors ; 5. nano-composit materials ; 6. buffer and window layer materials.

Contributions are invited on growth and processing technologies, structural and microstructural characterisation, electronic materials properties, materials design as well as on modelling and simulation concepts. Researchers are encouraged to submit their contributions also on advanced new developments in the field.