E13 Materials for Thermal Management (Heat Sinks materials)

No. Symposium Organiser Co-Organiser
E13  Materials for Thermal Management (Heat Sinks materials) Dr Ludger Weber
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

ludger.weber@epfl.ch (ludger NULL.weber null@null epfl NULL.ch)

Thermal Management in devices with high heat production or high temperature exposure is an issue of increasing importance in many areas e.g. laser optics, microelectronics, and power generation, affecting performance, reliability, and lifetime of the devices. Various approaches on thermal management have emerged in recent years, e.g. improving materials, development of rugged active cooling systems, and improved thermal contact materials, to tackle the problem.At the same time, the understanding of the underlying physics (e.g. of interface thermal resistance at the meso- and the microscale) and appropriate experimental techniques to quantify these phenomena have evolved significantly over the last few years. However, the communities working on these different approaches and issues are quite separated. Hence, the symposium aims at bringing together researchers and industrial representatives concerned with various aspects of and various approaches to thermal management to share their progress and views on future trends and needs. Contributions are invited addressing one or several of the following subjects:(i)           novel materials with high thermal conductivity (unidirectionally, in plane or isotropic) and adapted CTE for heat spreaders and substrates(ii)          recent developments in thermo-electrics(iii)         phase change materials and systems including recent developments in heat pipes and micro-channel flow.

(iv)         heat transfer at different length scales including surface and interface design

(v)          Experimental approaches to measure heat transfer and thermal conductivity at small scale

(vi)         modeling of any of the above aspects