D21 Macro/meso-mechanical characterization of materials and microstructural effects

No. Symposium Organiser Co-Organiser
D21 Macro/meso-mechanical characterization of materials and microstructural effects Prof. Javier Gil Sevillano
CEIT (Centro de Investigaciones Técnicas) and TECNUN, Technological Campus, University of Navarra,
M.de Lardizabal 15
20018 San Sebastián, Spain
jgil@ceit.es (jgil null@null ceit NULL.es) 
Prof. Otmar Kolednik,
Erich Schmid Institute of Materials Science,
Austrian Academy of Sciences,Jahnstrasse 12
A – 8700 Leoben, Austria

otmar.kolednik@oeaw.ac.at (otmar NULL.kolednik null@null oeaw NULL.ac NULL.at)

The symposium covers the mechanical characterization of materials at the macro/meso/micro-scales with the aim of linking the macro-behaviour to the material microstructure and associated operating physical mechanisms and processes. In particular, experimental testing for validation of advanced multi-scale mechanical models will be welcome.Topics of interest include, among others:

  • New or non-conventional mechanical characterization techniques for elasto-plasticity and fracture
  • In situ mechanical testing in SEM, TEM or under neutron or synchrotron beams
  • Combined macro-mechanical tests of polycrystals with meso/micro-characterization techniques (OM, EBSP-OIM, AFM, etc.) for mapping strain, orientation and dislocation density heterogeneities
  • Mapping strain at the meso/micro level with optical techniques (image correlation, laser-speckle, etc.)
  • Macro-mechanical testing under extreme conditions (temperature, pressure, environment)