C42 Advances in surface treatments of light alloys

No. Symposium Organiser Co-Organiser
C42 Advances in surface treatments of light alloys Dr Suman Shrestha,
Keronite International Ltd, suman.shrestha@keronite.com (suman NULL.shrestha null@null keronite NULL.com)
Dr James Curran,
Keronite International Ltd, james.curran@keronite.com (james NULL.curran null@null keronite NULL.com)
PLASMA ELECTROLYTIC OXIDATION (PEO)Surface treatment of light metals (e.g. Al, Mg, Ti and their alloys including MMCs) by plasma electrolytic oxidation process represents a rapidly developing sector and has demonstrated significant interest in offering improved properties and as a replacement for conventional acid based processes /conversion treatments that contain hexavalent chrome and other environmentally hazardous substances, and including anodising processes. The process results in the formation of a ceramic layer that offers protection to the base alloy in terms of corrosion, wear and offers other functional characteristics including thermo-optical, dielectric, thermal barrier, low friction coefficient and also can be used as pre-treatment for topcoat paints and other metal/ceramics to create composite coatings.

Contributions are welcome on any aspects of PEO, MAO, plasma anodising, and related electrolytic processes. Areas that will be covered may include:

- Corrosion and erosion-corrosion

- Sliding, fretting, impact, abrasive and erosive wear, Cold welding   

- Low friction coatings, composite coatings

- Thermo-optical coatings

- Pre-treatments for paints and surface for hybrid and duplex ceramic / metal surfaces 

- Thermal properties and the potential for thermal barrier function 

- Conductive and dielectric coatings 
- Potential for production of decorative and coloured coatings
- Process – microstructure relationships
- New processing developments

- Industrial applications
- Environmentally friendly processes

Areas of applications can include automotive, aerospace and space, oil & gas, marine, biomedical, textile and general industries such as 3C, tool mould, and architectural.