C41 Thin film coatings

No. Symposium Organiser Co-Organiser
C41 Thin film coatings Prof. Teodoro Valente
Rome University La Sapienza
Dept. Ingegneria Chimica Materiali AmbienteVia Eudossiana 18
00184 Romateodoro.valente@uniroma1.it (teodoro NULL.valente null@null uniroma1 NULL.it)


Prof. Edoardo Bemporad
University of Rome Tre
Dept. Ingegneria meccanica e industrialeVia della Vasca Navale 79
00146 Romae.bemporad@uniroma3.it (e NULL.bemporad null@null uniroma3 NULL.it) 

Prof. Pietro Luigi Cavallotti
Politecnico di Milano
Dept..Chimica, Materiali e Ing. Chimica G. Natta

Via Mancinelli, 7
20131 Milano

pietro.cavallotti@polimi.it (pietro NULL.cavallotti null@null polimi NULL.it)

This Symposium will focus on surface engineering and materials science and technology of hard thin films and coatings. Contributes are expected on topics such as fundamentals of thin films deposition processes, properties of new single and multilayers, process-structure-property correlations, substrate-surface effects, modeling, hard coating industrial practices. Latest advances in emerging non-conventional thin film technologies, including advances in industrial PVD&CVD deposition equipment, with an emphasis on new types of materials, processes, and applications are also expected.Applications include, but are not limited to, electroplated and electroless coatings, pulse plated coatings, wear protecting coatings for components and tools, automotive and aerospace coatings, low friction coatings, high-temperature wear-resistant coatings, erosion and corrosion resistive coatings, optical films, decorative coatings and materials for energy applications.