C31 Powder Synthesis and Processing

No. Symposium Organiser Co-Organiser
C31 Powder Synthesis and Processing José Manuel Torralba
Institute IMDEA Materials.
University Carlos III
Madrid, Spain

josemanuel.torralba@imdea.org (josemanuel NULL.torralba null@null imdea NULL.org)

M. Hervé Muhr
Laboratory of Reaction and Process Engineering
CNRS – ENSIC, France

herve.muhr@ensic.inpl-nancy.fr (herve NULL.muhr null@null ensic NULL.inpl-nancy NULL.fr)

The theme will be developed along the lines of tailored powders and innovative methods from the various possible synthesis techniques, from chemical engineering (solution precipitation, fluid phase) to mechanical methods (high energy milling, mechanical alloying).Particular emphasis will be put on how to the control the synthesis method and its influence on the key powder characteristics for further powder processing for specific applications. This will include the effects of types of reactors and of processing parameters on size, size distribution, state of agglomeration, shape, stoichiometry, doping, surface modification and core-shell structures. As well as tailoring powder characteristics, the production of powders at the industrial level or the capacity of the synthesis method to do so is of key importance for materials science and will also be an important theme for the symposium encouraging industrial participants.