C21-Wetting, soldering and brazing

No. Symposium Organiser Co-Organiser
C21 Wetting, soldering and brazing Prof. Fiqiri Hodaj
SIMAP – Grenoble INP
Sciences et Ingénierie des MAtériaux et Procédés
Domaine Univ. BP 75
F-38402  St. Martin d’Hères Cedex

fhodaj@simap.grenoble-inp.fr (fhodaj null@null simap NULL.grenoble-inp NULL.fr)

Dr. Maria Luigia Muolo
Inst. for Energetics and Interphases
Via de Marini, 6
I-16149 Genoa

ml.muolo@ge.ieni.cnr.it (ml NULL.muolo null@null ge NULL.ieni NULL.cnr NULL.it)  

The control of the joint interface is largely responsible for its intrinsic final strength. This can be accomplished by the study of interfacial interactions, a fundamental step to understand the basic mechanisms governing the stability, reactivity and integrity of materials, and to obtain all the necessary input data for joining and brazing processes, electronic packaging, and metal-ceramic composite production. The aim of this symposium is to discuss the issues related to: 1) thermodynamic, kinetic and atomistic modelling of interfacial interactions; 2) wetting, spreading and active brazing processes; and 3) microstructural and microchemical characterisation of the interfaces.Specific topics, associated with metal-metal, metal-ceramic, glass-ceramic and glass-metal interfaces, on which the Authors are encouraged to concentrate, include, but are not limited to: 1) Atomic scale modeling of interfaces; 2) Experimental and theoretical studies on thermodynamics and kinetics of wetting and interfacial reactions; and 3) Joining processes (including soldering, brazing, transient liquid phase bonding). The Symposium will be organised around Keynotes, Highlights  and contributed communications, and provide considerable opportunity for discussions and exchange of experience.