C12-Solid state transformations

No. Symposium Organiser Co-Organiser
C12 Solid state transformations Benoit Appolaire, ONERA-CNRS, France

benoit.appolaire@onera.fr (benoit NULL.appolaire null@null onera NULL.fr) 

Frédéric Danoix, CNRS – Université de Rouen, France

Frederic.danoix@univ-rouen.fr (frederic NULL.danoix null@null univ-rouen NULL.fr) 

The symposium Solid State Transformations aims at covering the highlights of recent progress in the understanding of solid-state transformations in materials. The symposium will present contributions and stimulate discussions on both experimental and theoretical studies, employing state-of-the-art techniques aiming to enhance insight in fundamental and applied aspects of phase transformations. The symposium will bring together international experts on nucleation, growth, texture development, quantitative microstructure characterisation, thermodynamics of phase transformations, etc. Papers investigating physical processes from the atomic scale to the mesoscale (micrometer), either experimental (Atom Probe Tomography, HRTEM, TEM, MEB, DRX …) or modelling (Ab-initio, Molecular Dynamics, Monte Carlo, Phase field, Mean field models …) are particularly welcome, especially those making a link between different scales.