B42 Cultural Heritage Materials

No. Symposia Organisers Co-Organiser
B42 Cultural Heritage Materials Prof. Antonio Sgamellotti
Department of Chemistry
University of Perugia,

sgam@thch.unipg.it (sgam null@null thch NULL.unipg NULL.it)


A large part of our cultural heritage, from archaeological artifacts to modern and contemporary artworks, are tangible and physical objects that change with time, interact with their environments, and eventually deteriorate losing their aesthetical value. Cultural heritage objects are often made of complex and heterogeneous mixtures of a wide range of molecular species, thus the preservation demands an in-depth knowledge of chemical structures and possible reaction paths. The last two decades have seen a steady growth of materials science role in the study and preservation of cultural heritage objects. Materials science provides principles and methods to tackle the scientific challenges in conservation science, such identification artwork materials and manufacturing techniques, understanding materials degradation and aging, developing new methods for restoration practice. On the other hand the constrains posed by the study of unique and irreplaceable objects provide a demanding ground for the development and application of new analytical methods and techniques.The symposium will focus on advanced techniques for the non-invasive or micro-destructive characterization of artwork materials, studies on the alteration mechanisms of natural and synthetic pigments and on novel high-performance materials for cleaning and consolidation treatments. Contributions devoted to the study and preservation of synthetic materials of interest in modern and contemporary art will be welcomed.