B31 Composites containing Nano-particles and Nano-fibres

No. Symposium Organiser Co-Organiser
B31 Composites containing Nano-particles and Nano-fibres Aravind Dasari
IMDEA, Madrid

aravind.dasari@imdea.org (aravind NULL.dasari null@null imdea NULL.org)


Multi-functionality is the keyword that has drawn ‘composites containing nano-particles and nano-fibres’ into the limelight.  There are certain reasons for expecting ultra-fine reinforcement to lead to attractive combinations of mechanical, physical and thermal properties at lower reinforcement contents than those typical of traditional composites.  However, many of the results obtained hitherto have failed to fulfil expectations and commercial exploitation to date has been very limited.  This is certainly due, at least in part, to difficulties in handling, processing and fabrication.  However, there are also important issues relating to optimisation of properties such as fracture toughness, which need to be better understood in the context of ultra-fine reinforcement.  The symposium will encompass composites based on all types of matrix, containing various types of nano-particles and nano-fibres.  The coverage will include issues of synthesis/fabrication, microstructural characterisation, mechanical properties, thermo-physical properties, modelling and applications of these materials.  One aim of the symposium will be to obtain improved understanding of the inherent limitations of this type of composite and to obtain guidelines for identification of the aspects that are worthy of further research.