B24 Fracture and Reliability of Ceramics and Hybrid Materials

No. Symposium Organiser Co-Organiser
B24 Fracture and Reliability of Ceramics and Hybrid Materials Professor Jérôme CHEVALIER
INSA-Lyon, MATEIS CNRS UMR5510, F-69621 Villeurbanne, France.
Jerome.chevalier@insa-lyon.fr (Jerome NULL.chevalier null@null insa-lyon NULL.fr) 
 Bill Clegg
University of Cambridge, UK wjc1000@cam.ac.uk (wjc1000 null@null cam NULL.ac NULL.uk)
One of the major issues in the use of ceramics for structural but also for functional applications is their resistance to fracture and their reliability. The objective of this symposium is to present state of the art and new developments in the prediction and the characterization of fracture and more generally of their reliability. New ceramics, composites and hybrid materials (ceramic-metal, ceramic-polymer, etc…) with improved mechanical properties will be also examined, with a special emphasis on the mechanisms responsible for their improved resistance. The fracture and fatigue behavior of functional ceramics will be addressed.

Proposed topics are:
-           Failure probability of ceramics components,
-           Reliability and lifetime of structural and functional ceramics,
-           State of the art and new methods for deformation, failure prediction and characterization,
-           Nanoscale mechanisms of fatigue and failure,
-           Design (including virtual design) of ceramics and composites with improved resistance,
-           Mechanical characterization of electrical ceramics,
-           Mechanical performance of biomedical devices,
-           Fracture behavior of porous ceramics.
-           Fracture behavior of Ceramic Matrix Composites
-           Deformation and fracture in hybrid structures
-           Theoretical approaches to optimize behavior 

Selected papers presented at this symposium will be published in the Journal of the European Ceramic Society in a special issue to be guest edited by Professor Jérôme CHEVALIER. Authors will be contacted just after the conference for submission of full papers and/or review papers. The papers will be refereed using the journal standard reviewing procedures.