B22 Ceramic barriers: filters, membranes and thermal barrier coatings


Symposium Organiser Co-Organisers
B22 Ceramic barriers: filters, membranes, and thermal barriers coatings Professor André Ayral,
European Membrane Institute, University Montpellier 2, FranceAndre.ayral@um2.fr (Andre NULL.ayral null@null um2 NULL.fr)
Dr. Rune Bredesen
Department of Energy Conversion and Materials
SINTEF, Oslo, Norway
Rune.Bredesen@sintef.no (Rune NULL.Bredesen null@null sintef NULL.no)Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Leyens
Institute of Materials Science, Technische Universität Dresden
Christoph.Leyens@tu-dresden.de (Christoph NULL.Leyens null@null tu-dresden NULL.de)
 Due to their intrinsic chemical and thermal stability combined with the possibility to tailor-make the microstructure and to produce more and more complex architectures, ceramic barriers are playing an increasing role in different technical applications like fluid filtration or thermal protection.One aim of this symposium is to offer a forum that presents an overview on the recent advances in ceramic membranes, filters and thermal barrier coatings, and to give an opportunity for researchers, engineers and other interested experts to discuss the emerging applications of these materials. The specific topics of the symposium will be:- design and preparation of innovative materials;
- membranes for fuel cells, electrolysers and membrane reactors;
- high temperature gas separation and gas filters;
- thermal barrier coatings for gas turbines;
- testing techniques and modelling.