B11 Intermetallics

No. Symposium Organiser Co-Organiser
B11 Intermetallics Professor David Morris,
Department of Physical Metallurgy

david.morris@cenim.csic.es (david NULL.morris null@null cenim NULL.csic NULL.es)

Dr. Olivier Tougait
Université de Rennes1

tougait@univ-rennes1.fr (tougait null@null univ-rennes1 NULL.fr)


The past decade has seen intermetallics remain as important materials for high temperature uses in the aeronautical, automobile and power generating industries, on the brink of breakthrough to major applications. During this time, significant advances have taken place in understanding the physical metallurgy of intermetallics such as the Ti and Fe aluminides, as well as silicides, Laves phases and others. Improvements to conventional processing methods have been observed, as well as the exploration of novel fabrication routes. At the same time the mechanical properties and environmental sensitivities of these intermetallics have been further explored and better understood.This symposium will concentrate on research related to improving understanding of the physical metallurgy of such intermetallics, as well as improvements in processing methods and better understanding of relevant properties. The symposium will concentrate on such structural intermetallics, but will accept also presentations relating to other families of intermetallics, for example with shape memory or other novel physical properties, when the emphasis remains on the physical metallurgy and processing of these materials.