A54 Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) – Materials and Devices

No. Symposium Organiser Co-Organiser
A54 Shape Memory Alloys  (SMA) – Materials and Devices Dr. Ausonio TUISSI
National Research Council
CNR IENI – Lecco (IT)a.tuissi@ieni.cnr.it (a NULL.tuissi null@null ieni NULL.cnr NULL.it)

ruben.santamarta@uib.es (ruben NULL.santamarta null@null uib NULL.es)

Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) make it possible what is impossible for any other known metallic material.The aim of SMA symposium is to offer EUROMAT participants a window over the “SMA world” and the recent achievements obtained with Nitinol, Ferromagnetic SMA, Copper-based and High temperature SMA materials. This symposium will provide a good opportunity for meeting academic and industrial experts.Conference organizers are currently accepting abstracts in (not limited to) the following SMA topic areas:

  • NiTi (Nitinol): processing and shape setting; metallurgy and surface engineering; shape memory and super elastic characterizations; fatigue and structural characterizations.
  • Nitinol devices: prototyping and industrial applications (biomedical and engineering applications)
  • Ferromagnetic SMAs: processing, structural and magnetic properties of Ni-Mn-Ga , Ni-Fe-Co, Ni-Mn-In-Co and other (M)SMA systems;  magnetomechanics and magnetocaloric effects.
  • Copper based alloys and high temperature (HTSMA) recent achievements.
  • Design, modelling and simulation of SMAs; finite element analyses

A selection of contributions will be submitted for publication in ”Functional Materials Letters” (FML)  for this symposium.