A41 Biopolymers and biocomposites

No. Symposium Organiser Co-Organiser
A41 Biopolymers and biocomposites Prof. Lars BerglundRoyal Inst of Technology and Wallenberg Wood Science Center

blund@kth.se (blund null@null kth NULL.se)

This symposium is focused on biopolymers and biocomposites and their synthesis/processing, structure/characterization and properties. Such materials offer great promise in terms of new materials from renewable resources. Furthermore, application of biotechnology and utilization of nanostructured composite concepts provide potential for technical breakthroughs in the near future. The symposium welcomes studies on new constituents (particles and fibers at micro and nanoscale, biopolymers etc), new synthesis and preparation methods, surface modification methods, new combinations of materials, modeling aspects etc. Suggested topics can be summarized as: 1. Nanoparticles and fibers/nanofibers for bio/nano systems, 2. Surface modification and interface aspects, 3. Biopolymer synthesis and modification, 3. Micro- and nanostructured biocomposites incl biological composites, 4. Biofoams, scaffolds and porous materials, 4. Preparation/processing (casting, melt-processing, polymerization, electrospinning, templating, self-assembly, freeze-drying etc), 5. Modelling and simulation, 6. Structural characterization and property measurement techniques (incl nanoscale challenges), 7. Applications and functional characteristics.