A23 Magnetocalorics and Magnetic Cooling

No. Symposium Organiser Co-Organiser
A23 Magnetocalorics and Magnetic Cooling Dr. Oliver Gutfleisch,IFW Dresden (D)

o.gutfleisch@ifw-dresden.de (o NULL.gutfleisch null@null ifw-dresden NULL.de)

Dr. Karl G. Sandeman, Imperial College London (UK)k.sandeman@imperial.ac.uk (k NULL.sandeman null@null imperial NULL.ac NULL.uk)
The aim is to bring together scientists working in the fields of magnetocaloric materials and magnetic refrigeration who have an interest in material issues affecting the realisation of new cooling devices. Magnetic refrigeration offers a solid state alternative to standard gas compression-based cooling that would simultaneously eliminate the need for harmful refrigerant gases and reduce energy requirements and hence carbon dioxide emissions. About ten years have passed since the discovery of the giant magnetocaloric effect in Gd5(Si,Ge)4, the magnetic refrigerant that re-ignited interest in magnetic cooling around room temperature. Since then a number of alternative magnetic refrigerants have emerged, resulting in a field that is yielding fundamental discoveries regarding solid-solid phase transitions whilst opening the way to new applications in cooling and other magneto-thermal and magneto-mechanical areas. Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • search for novel material systems, novel processing routes, and nano-architectures
  • hysteresis properties, time-dependency of magnetostructural and magnetoelastic transitions
  • tailoring of operating temperature and of required magnetic fields
  • engineering properties of magnetocaloric materials
  • design of magnetic cooling devices and display of novel demonstrators