A21 Hard and Soft Magnetic Materials

No. Symposium Organiser Co-Organiser
A21 Hard and Soft Magnetic Materials Dr. Nora Dempsey,Institut Néel/CNRS (F)nora.dempsey@grenoble.cnrs.fr (nora NULL.dempsey null@null grenoble NULL.cnrs NULL.fr) Dr. Marco Coïsson,INRIM (I)m.coisson@inrim.it (m NULL.coisson null@null inrim NULL.it)
Prof. Manfred Albrecht,
TU Chemnitz (D), manfred.albrecht@physik.tu-chemnitz.de (manfred NULL.albrecht null@null physik NULL.tu-chemnitz NULL.de)
Hard and soft magnetic materials are extensively used to exploit electromagnetism (induction, attraction/repulsion, flux source, flux guidance) in diverse applications (motors, generators, actuators, bearings, magnetic refrigerators, transformers, shields, sensors, etc.) and thus play an essential role in a large part of current and forthcoming technology. New highly efficient materials for energy saving applications, magnetic recording, communication technology, magnetic field detection for industrial, environment and health applications are among the new frontiers of research in this topic. Recent developments in the preparation of hard and soft materials at reduced dimensions, including nano-particle synthesis, lithography, self-assembling and nano-patterning, open many potential applications for these materials in micro and nano-systems (sensors, micro-motors, micro-generators, micro-actuators, levitation systems, nano-manipulation, advanced spintronics, microwave absorbers, etc.). Contributions are invited on the preparation, characterisation and understanding of hard and soft magnetic materials in bulk, film, nano-particle or nano-structure form, from both fundamental and application-oriented points of view.