Photo Report Tuesday

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Tuesday September 13 – Plenary Lectures
                                                  Poster Prizes Giving (session 1)

Olivier Guillon
TU Darmstadt
Olivier Guillon’s Lecture Bill Clyne
Cambridge Uni.
Bill Clyne’s Lecture


Attendance in Berlioz Auditorium during Poster Prizes Giving Poster Prizes Session 1 : J.M. Lebrun, C. Zenk, A. Bradbury, M. Dikovits, Y. Hasegawa with Livio Battezzati
Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3

Attendance in Conference Rooms

Conference Room 1 Conference Room 2 Conference Room 3

Tuesday September 13 – “Soirée Détente”

  Local Wines Good Local Dishes Local Dishes  
Wine giving Enjoy Orchestra Around tables
   Dancing 1  Dancing 2