Photo Report Sunday & Monday

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Sunday September 11 – Opening Ceremony

Jean-Marc Chaix, Euromat Chairman Welcome Pedro Portella, FEMS President Welcome Local Authority Welcome
Pedro Portella, Livio Battezzati, Jean-Marc Chaix
Alberto Molinari, AIM Board Bruno Dubost, SF2M Past President
George Kaptay,
FEMS Prizes presentation
Joanna Michalska
FEMS Lecturer
FEMS Prize Ceremony: Günter Gottstein, George Kaptay Günter Gottstein, FEMS European Materials Medal Günter Gottstein Lecture

Monday September 12  – Opening Address and Welcome
                                                  First Plenary Lecture


Chair: Livio Battezzati, Pedro Portella, Jean-Marc Chaix, Jean-Claude Tedenac Jen-Hubert Schmitt, SF2M President Livio Battezzati, Euromat Co-Chairman



Studious attendance in Berlioz Auditorium during Pleanary Lectures Marcin L. Sadowski
European Commission
Marcin L. Sadowski Lecture 

Monday September 12 Evening – Exhibition Opening


General View of the Exhibition Information on a booth Discussion with an exhibitor

 Monday September 12 Evening – Poster Session

Looking for most interesting Posters Discussion with Poster’s Author Studious discussions in front of Posters