Plenary Lectures at a glance

Sunday 11th
Opening Ceremony
17:00 – 19:00
  Günter Gottstein
RWTH Aachen, Germany
(FEMS European Materials Gold Medal)Physical Metallurgy Meets Industry:
Do Physical Fundamentals Serve Industrial Materials Processing?
Monday 12th
Opening session am1
9:00-10 :00
  9:20-10:00 Marcin Sadowski
Directorate for Industrial Technologies, European Commission, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation
Materials Research and Development for Europe
Tuesday 13th
Plenary session am1
8:30-10 :00
8:30-9:10 Olivier Guillon
TU Darmstadt, Germany
(FEMS Materials Science and Technology Prize)Field assisted sintering of oxide ceramics
9:20-10:00 TW Clyne
Cambridge University, UK
Scale Effects in Fibre Composites and Surface Coatings: Microstructure, Transport Phenomena and Mechanics
Wedn. 14th
Plenary session am1
8:30-10 :00
8:30-9:10 Mike Ashby
Cambridge University, UK
Innovation in Materials Teaching 
9:20-10:00 Mathieu Joanicot
Directeur Scientifique, Saint Gobain Recherche, France
Challenges in materials science for a sustainable “habitat”
Thursday 15th
Plenary session am1
8:30-10 :00
8:30-9:10 Michael Graetzel
Hydrogen Solar Ltd, Switzerland
(FEMS Materials Innovation Prize)
9:20-10:00 Paddy French
Implantable sensors: safety and efficiency