2011 foreseen publication

There will be no publication of a complete set of proceedings for Euromat 2011. However, it is anticipated that a number of journals may decide to base special issues on particular Topics or Symposia. The following has been foreseen by the Topic Coordinators and/or Symposium Organisers.

Symp./ Topic Nr. Symposium/Topic Name Symposium Organiser Publication
A53 MEMS/NEMS for sensorial and actorial materials Dirk Lehmhus Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures
Sage Publication
A54 Shape Memory Alloys  (SMA) – Materials and Devices Ausonio Tuissi FML – Functional Materials Letters
B14 Mg Alloys Karl Ulrich Kainer AEM – Advanced Engineering Materials
B15 Ultrafine-grained Materials processed by Severe Plastic Deformation Heinz-Werner Höppel AEM – Advanced Engineering Materials
B24 Fracture and Reliability of Ceramics Jérôme Chevalier Journal of the European Ceramic Society
B33 Highly Porous Metals and Ceramics Paolo Colombo / Peter Degischer AEM – Advanced Engineering Materials
B41 Bioinspired Materials André Studart / Cordt Zollfrank/
Richard Weinkamer Degischer
Bioinspired, Biomimetic and Nanobiomaterials
C13 Metallic glasses and related composites: new routes for functional and strong materials Mihai  Stoica Revue de Métallurgie
C2 Joining Alberto Passerone JMEP – Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance
C3 Powder routes : from synthesis to materials Alberto Molinari Powder Metallurgy  + Revista de Metalurgia
D12 Tomographic 3D imaging with hard X-rays and neutrons Alexander Rack IJMR – International Journal of Materials  Research
E13 Materials for Thermal Management
(heat sink materials)
Ludger Weber Emerging Materials Research
E31 Advanced Materials for transportation Kambiz Kayvantash
Dirk Lehmhus
Steel Research International
F11 Bioactive Coatings and Material-Tissue Interfaces Enrica Verne Biomedical Materials
F12 Smart and biomimetic materials for biomedical applications and tissue engineering Joao F. Mano/
Aldo R. Boccaccini
Biomedical Materials
F14 Mechanical characterization and modeling of tissues and biomedical materials at all length scales Christian Hellmich Computational Methods in Engineering Sciences